Curl the dumbbells to your shoulders and bring down to the starting position. Now do a bicep curl by pulling your right hand toward your right shoulder. Keep your shoulder relaxed and focus on just engaging your bicep to pull your hand toward you. Like any other muscle, the biceps works better when you build strength there.

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  • Make sure that you choose exercises that naturally force you to fatigue within the desired rep range.
  • Follow this program for six weeks, adding one more set to each exercise after every fortnight.
  • Lift your arms out to the sides at shoulder height and bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle with your palms facing inward.
  • Now get your chest to the ground level by bending your shoulders.
  • Alternating dumbbell curl is agreat arm exercise which also targets both heads of the bicep.

Squeeze your biceps forcefully and then lower the weight back to your sides. Hold two weights by your sides with a neutral grip. Hold the contraction for a second and then lower the weights under control until your elbows reach full extension.

Your arm should be parallel to the floor the entire time. Complete 15 repetitions, then switch sides. The “bent forward” position of the reverse dumbbell fly can be tough on the lower back, especially if you already experience pain, tightness, or injury in the area. An alternate option is the single arm dumbbell reverse fly.

Kettlebell Hammer Curl

Drop the weight down low and really focus on the eccentric best nighttime fat burner portion of the movement. Count three seconds while you are lowering the weight and explode up. It’s not always the muscle belly that’s involved, but the tendons that are injured from lifting too heavy.

If you are not squatting then how do you expect to build your quad muscles? They are one of the most common exercises and if you are not doing them then you must add them to your routine asap. A Smith Machine will simplify the movements and reduce the need of any stabilising muscles that you will use to keep the bar level and balanced. Today, a huge number of people are not delighted with their weight for one factor or the various other. Dropping weight is much looked for after and the truth is that the majority are searching for quick services to lose off the additional pounds. Because reducing weight is tougher than obtaining it, a few steps and also approaches can really assist you shed that weight quickly in one month.

Find a comfortable position seated behind a preacher bench holding a low pullley. Make sure to keep your upper arms on the pad and don’t let your elbows spread apart. Make absolutely sure to keep elbows even in front of the body and your upper body as motionless as possible. Inhale, hold your breath and lift the bar in a slow, steady arc toward the shoulders.

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Hitting it more than once a week will be overkill! So temper your enthusiasm and restrict your bicep workout routine to one session per week. Seriously a few years ago I was heading for a heart attack and now I’ve turned it all around. How do you feel about doing biceps with chest and triceps with back? I used to always do triceps with chest and biceps with back but wanted to give 100% on the arm exercises so I switched up the routine. So this way I can get some bicep work in on back day and then do more weight/sets when I do the isolation work on the other day than I would if I did it on back day.

As with any exercise or workout program, a proper warm-up, cool-down and recovery period is important for both safety and success. You don’t need to go heavy on this exercise otherwise you might injure your back. Keeping support beneath your back just like the above video suggests, will be more comfortable and safe.

Attach a bar placed at the lower part of the cable machine and then bring the preacher curl station in front of the cable machine. Slowly bring the bar down towards the starting position while breathing out and then repeat the movements. The final barbell-based bicep exercise is the EZ-bar curl. The EZ bar is an undulating barbell which allows the user to grasp the bar with a greater degree of comfort.

This curl variation trains the forearm and upper arm muscles — most notably the brachialis and brachioradialis — helping increase size and bolster grip strength. Sit on a workout chair at a 45-degree incline. Place your feet on the floor and hold the dumbbells at your sides with your arms fully extended. Alternate your hands and curl one dumbbell at a time.