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What is Cowhide Leather?

We at Montosu use full-grain cowhide, which is the thickest and finest quality leather in the world to manufacture premium quality leather bags. Unlike the other variations of leather, crazy horse/cowhide leather doesn’t rip or tear easily, is buttery-soft to the touch, and also resistant to water and cracking. Since Cowhide is 100% genuine leather, it is prone to some general wear and tear but there is nothing to worry about it. These trifle bumps and scratches will bring only a slight change in the hues of leather, creating the rich, multi-hued sheen and increasing the bag’s beauty and unique vintage look. Our rough and tough cowhide leather bag will hold up to anything, whatever you throw at them. This uniqueness can only be found in 100% natural full-grain cowhide leather.


We are proud of the fine craftsmanship and quality of each of our full-grain cowhide leather bags. Cowhide leather is specifically designed and rugged enough to be strong, beautiful, and durable, which awesomely holds up to abuse, a heavy load, adventure plan, or any other abuse you throw on them. However, full-grain cowhide leather does require a certain amount of care to maintain its unique vintage look for years of adventures. Thus, if you want your bag to last for years, you need to take a little time to properly care for it. With the right care, your Montosu leather bags will last for generations.

How To Dry Out A Wet Leather Bag?

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  • If your full-grain cowhide leather bags get wet, simply wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth. You can put it inside out or hang the bag to dry.
  • Don’t put it away or store it when it is wet, else it will give birth to mold or mildew.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer or any other drying equipment to dry a wet bag. Applying heat to cowhide can cause the leather to distort and harden.

With proper care, your Montosu leather bags will hold up for years. Don’t ruin it with too much heat or a little negligence.

How To Clean Cowhide Leather Bag?

Cleaning the cowhide leather bag is easy. If anything is spilled on the bag or it gets dirty, simply wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. Don’t apply any kind of detergent or cleaning agent to the bag as it can discolor the natural sheen of the bag. If needed, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the stains.

How To Remove Scratches?

While there is nothing to bother about the scratches that your full-grain cowhide leather bags naturally develop, it adds to the bag’s unique vintage look, character, and beauty. However, if you don’t like those naturally developed scratches, there are ways to get rid of them. All you need to do is to take a soft cotton cloth and gently rub at the scratches in a circular motion. It will help to move the wax coating over the scratch and bring back the original color of your Montosu leather bags. Also, to maintain the natural shine of your leather bag for years and keep it in mint condition, consider treating it with leather cream or wax.

How To Treat Full Grain Leather?

If your cowhide leather bag gets too dry, treat it with leather grease or leather balm. Apply a very thin and even layer of crazy horse leather wax to your bag using a sponge. Wipe off the excess wax with a dry cloth.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

While we ensure an optimal level of excellence at every stage, right from manufacturing to packaging so that you receive the genuine leather product as your heart desires, but if you are unhappy with your purchase in anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us. Before you drop negative reviews or ratings, do give us a chance to resolve your concerns. This is much appreciated and valuable to us.

Your little effort to let us listen to your issues will not only help us turn your bad experience into good but also help us improve our product quality and customer experience. Since we are a truly Canadian company with a core focus on product quality and happy customer experience, we will go any way possible to please you with your purchase. Right from returning the product to refunding the money, your purchase is safe with us.

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